One Page Website Terms of Use

These Terms of Use are specific to the One Page Website from Blackstairs Web Design. They are to be read in conjunction with Blackstairs Web Design Terms of Use. This offer is limited to the terms that are set out here. Blackstairs Web Design can change the terms of this offer at any time without notice.

Free 1st year domain purchase & hosting – Blackstairs Web Design will host and manage the first year – thereafter the charge will be €150 per annum for .com or €180 for .ie

Upto 5 email addresses – if the client requires more than 5 emails there will be an additional charge

Bespoke mobile friendly website design –  Our websites are responsive which means that the user experience will be the same regardless of device.

Purchased  WordPress theme worth €80 Blackstairs Web Design use the most popular responsive WordPress themes with support

Free quarterly backup – A copy of the site will be kept on a three month basis.

Keyword research & insertion – Agreed keywords relevant to what your clients will use to find you will be inserted on the page

Performance optimised website – to improve the performance of the website, fast download and user experience.

Contact form & Google map – Standard contact form to include name, phone, email and message and, if required, a map with directions to your business through Google Maps.

5 Free stock images – these images will be agreed beforehand. If more are required there will be an additional charge

3 month website review – this will include image and text editing, missing links and social media links. This is limited to 2 hours work and if it exceeds there will be additional charges which will be communicated to you before proceeding.

Added to Google & Bing webmasters – your website will be added to these search engines.

Data Protection and Privacy Statement

Blackstairs Web Design comply with the Data Protection legislation. Access our Privacy Statement here.

Governing Law

This legal notice and terms and conditions of use and all issues regarding this Website shall be governed by the laws of Ireland.